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Segway Southwest UK first for -


  1. Tours - Check out our Segway tour video on our tours page (Book Now)

  2. Corporate Events -With our fleet of the very latest Segways, made up of X2 & I2s, we can accommodate pretty much any request, anywhere in the UK.

  3. Safety first -We emphasise safety at all tours/events, and give everyone hands on one 2 one instructions, with fully trained and experienced instructors. The smooth operation and handling of clients is of utmost importance to us, We do not run an event with less than two instructors.


Here at Segway Southwest, its easier than you think. Try the Segway Personal Transporters on our new Haldon Tour Trail , give us a call and experience the thrill and ease of riding a Segway PT, and see for yourself why we call it the Segway Smile!


Take Devon's Only Official SEGWAY Tour


 Looking for that birthday present for the person that has         
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Segway's vision is to promote an environmentally friendly short-distance transportation alternative. Today, all over Europe, America & Canada more and more people are using the Segway (PT) as an eco-friendly alternative for many of the short journeys that are typically made by car. In fact, there are 35 million empty car seats every day, but did you know that half of these trips are less than five miles long and are by solo drivers? The Segway PT has many benefits for you and the environment: less petrol/diesel to buy, easier to park, and less wear on your car.




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